Clients & Project Examples


Wells Fargo

We designed and taught a two day program “Fundamentals of Credit and Financial Risk” to provide a foundation for understanding the process of underwriting credit risk at Wells Fargo Bank. The course was designed for those who already had a fundamental grasp of financial statement analysis. The session was composed of two parts; a self-study guide completed prior to the classroom session, followed by a 2-day instructor led training seminar. Participants learned to evaluate risk to the bank in a number of different credit situations.

Huntington Bank

We designed and taught a one day program “Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns” for Portfolio Managers and Credit Analysts with limited exposure to analyzing personal financial statements in support of a lending decision.

Capital Bank

We designed and taught a five day program “Credit Analysis Fundamentals” to provide participants in the Commercial Analysts Training Program a foundation for understanding commercial credit risk at the bank. The course was designed for those who had a fundamental grasp of basic accounting principles. The program included pre-reading that was done prior to the five day classroom session.

Union Bank

We developed and taught “Trade Finance” and “Structuring Trade Finance Credit Facilities” as part of this bank’s credit training program for over 15 years.


The bank trained over 500 Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers and Branch personnel in consumer credit essentials using our self-study guide, “Consumer Lending Skills”.


We developed and taught “Advanced Cash Flow for Senior Relationship Managers”. This class provided participants with a detailed look at cash flow analysis. It quickly reviewed cash flow basics and then moved to the next level of analysis to improve their overall understanding of the various aspects of cash flow. Participants also learned how to access and interpret various cash flow reports from Moody’s Financial Analyst.

First Tennessee

The bank had a group of portfolio managers who had taken RMA’s Credit skills diagnostic. We designed a three day diagnostic remediation program to train individuals with mild to moderate training needs in financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, stress testing, loan structuring and problem loan identification.

Navy Federal Credit Union

We developed and taught a program for Managers to help them understand the credit and non-credit needs of members and prospects. We trained these individuals to identify key items from business financial statements and tax returns and to use this information to conduct member interviews more effectively.

Risk Management Association (RMA)

We designed a number of RMA’s core credit curriculum including “The Lending Academy”, Financial Statement Analysis, and UCA 2 (Uniform Credit Analysis 2). We also designed key sections of their E-learning program “Ementor”, and a number of their on-line webinars including IFRS and Advanced Ratio Analysis.

Federal Reserve Bank

We designed and taught the core credit curriculum for examiners ‘Credit Risk Analysis School” at Federal Reserve locations throughout the country. This was an intense five day program that culminated in a final assessment required to pass the class.

Bangor Savings Bank

We designed a two day program for Business Bankers that needed to get better at discovery calls, beyond just handling a specific request. We integrated call planning and selling skills with basic financial analysis tools. They then used these skills to get into a conversation with the customer/prospect about their business, how they make money and what their cash cycle looks like.

Bank Plus

We designed a two day program in Problem Loan Identification for asset based lenders, workout personnel and other senior commercial credit personnel.

Fairwinds Credit Union

We designed and taught two customized two-day programs. The first program the ‘Business Credit Training Program” was for Branch Managers who needed to learn the elements that go into making basic C&I and Commercial Real Estate lending decisions. The second program, “Advanced Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis” was for Regional Vice President’s and Commercial Lender’s that needed a more advanced program to more effectively integrate financial analysis, cash flow analysis, forecasting, management assessment, business and industry analysis, and loan structuring.