Advanced Commercial Real Estate: Markets and Analysis

Advanced Commercial Real Estate: Markets and Analysis

Length: 2 Days

This session embraces and reinforces essential features of the real estate underwriting process, reflecting the realities of today’s real estate market and product concerns. Designed specifically for the experienced real estate banker, the course addresses the real property loan concerns and the realities of the current real estate market.

The session presents commercial real estate investment alternatives, trends in local and national real estate markets, and current challenges to property asset values. Further, the course imparts advanced concepts in the underwriting, monitoring, and business development skills of the commercial real estate banker.

The seminar includes discussion of increased market and product knowledge and the use of mitigating due diligence, breakeven analysis, and benchmarks. Participants will discuss and gain increased awareness and the skills necessary for determining revised debt levels that properties and loans can reasonably support in today’s dynamic markets. Discussions raise underwriting sensibilities and provide greater understanding and skill in property, portfolio, and global cash flow analysis. Participants will benefit from increased networking competency with other commercial real estate professionals.

A comprehensive review of market, economic policies, and conditions from early 2000 through 2010 will be discussed as to their continuing impact on current markets and asset class values. The session concludes with a presentation and discussion of market/product forecasts and concerns for the future. Interactive participation, presentations of current loan concerns, in-depth discussion of market/product challenges, and client requests and opportunities are addressed. Further, an ongoing mentoring program is available following the session.